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    08:15  -  09:00
    09:00  -  09:15
    Chairman's welcome
    09:15  -  10:15
    Audience Q&A: Friend or foe? The marketing perspective on trademarks and counsel

    An onstage Q&A with a panel of brand experts, explored how creative professionals view the role of trademarks, the barriers that can exist between marketing and legal departments, and how counsel can better engage with their creative colleagues

    • What marketers really think of trademarks (and the counsel who nurture them)
    • Practical strategies to increase engagement and foster joint understanding
    • Creating – and deploying – a robust multi-department brand toolkit
    • Marketing innovations and the issues that may result
    10:15  -  10:45
    Networking break
    10:45  -  11:45
    Spreading the message: fostering cross-enterprise understanding

    While tasked with guarding the rights on which successful brand portfolios are built, many trademark counsel face an uphill battle to ensure that other corporate stakeholders understand, appreciate and utilise the trademark function. This interactive session explored strategies to establish a deep understanding of the legal team’s contribution to corporate success.

    • Practical approaches to the management of the trademark function
    • How to ensure senior management is engaged with and supports the trademark department
    • Managing the message: practical communication tales from the field
    • Thinking outside the (corporate) box: external perceptions of intellectual property and its impact on internal dynamics
    11:45  -  13:00
    Thought leadership think tanks: A 360-degree view of brand portfolio building

    The trademark lifecycle starts with registration, but ultimate success – or failure – is rooted in the treatment of this key corporate asset. Trademark counsel therefore have significant responsibility to identify and neutralise threats, fill gaps in protection and ensure that company assets are being effectively utilised, rather than potentially going unrealised.

    • Facilitating a cross-enterprise approach to rights management
    • Tactics for maintaining secrecy and competitive edge in filings
    • Is your house in order? Conducting robust trademark audits
    13:00  -  14:00
    Lunch and networking break
    14:00  -  15:00
    More than a number: the practical payback of brand valuation

    Brand valuation is an essential undertaking, whether for transactional purposes, as a measure of corporate performance or to benchmark brand strength. However, it remains an underutilised tool. This practical, interactive session takes a deep dive into just how valuations can be conducted, the tangible link between trademark protection and brand strength, and the practical ways that the results can be deployed by counsel.

    • Full scale versus informal: how to conduct valuations practically
    • The pros and cons of valuation: a cost-benefit analysis
    • Utilising valuation results: from big picture to everyday use
    • Evidencing the commercial benefits of brand counselling
    15:00  -  15:30
    The financial management of brands: how trademark counsel can add value

    Brand-backed lending is on the rise, offering companies increased opportunities to leverage the value that resides in their assets. Meanwhile, the maximisation of tax and financial efficiencies offers the prospect of significant financial savings for companies. In both spheres, trademark counsel have a crictical role to play in realising these opportunities.

    • Ownership structures: where IP rights reside and the tax implications
    • Collateralisation, securitisation and sale and leaseback – wading through the options
    • Contributing to success: the role of trademark counsel in deal-making
    • Best practice for working with tax, finance and investment stakeholders
    15:30  -  16:00
    Afternoon networking break
    16:00  -  17:00
    The revenue generation game: monetising brands in the marketplace

    A streamlined, resilient trademark portfolio is just one component in successful market monetisation activities. Whether deploying traditional models such as licensing or franchising or seeking to derive brand revenues from social media and new technologies, a number of complex legal and financial issues must be addressed. Failure to do so could result in lost, rather than enhanced, revenue streams.

    • Trademark ownership issues: the contractual imperatives when negotiating licensing deals
    • Across borders: international licensing and competition law considerations
    • Exploiting the commercial opportunities presented by new technologies and routes to market
    • Managing brand reputation: the role of counsel in policing for brand misuse
    17:00  -  17:10
    Close of day
    17:10  -  18:00
    Drinks reception